Wikipedia defines passive-aggressive behavior as “a pattern of passive hostility and an avoidance of direct communication.”

In other words, it’s when you need to go on the attack without actually confronting anyone. It’s petty, it’s sly, and if you’re just observing rather than being on the receiving end, it can be downright hilarious.

Here are ten incredible examples from the wide world of Twitter.

10. Drive on by

What in the hell kind of roadside madness is this?

9. It’s time to stop

This is an alien trying to disguise itself as an Earth sign and you can’t convince me otherwise.

8. I must confess

This is why Protestants just skipped the middle man.

7. The s**t is bananas

I don’t find this behavior appealing in the slightest.

6. The terrible twos

Psh. You call THAT a pothole?

5. Over the line

Timmy Turtle says “Use your damn eyes.”

4. High art

Is this Banksy?

3. Bed side manner

You’re in double trouble because your side is trapped against the dang wall.

2. Sick burn

You ever see something and just say to yourself “Glad I’m not in that relationship?”

1. He’s my witness

When even the robot in your pocket gets tired of trying to make you live right.

Remember, conflict is best resolved through direct and level-headed communication. But that’s also way less funny so if you’re gonna be slick, take pictures. Come on, don’t be selfish, we wanna get in on this.

Have you been the writer/receiver of any passive-aggressive nonsense lately?

Dish it out in the comments.