If you’re feeling a little too hot under the collar today, you can cool down for a minute in the enormous amounts of shade being thrown by these posts.

Some people dabble in passive-aggressive behavior. Some people master it. Consider these Instagram posts an absolute masterclass.

Here are twelve signs that took passive-aggressive (or in some cases, just aggressive) to a whole new level.

12. Bending over backward

The light in me sees the poop you just left there.


11. Dirty business

Are you sure you didn’t just stumble onto the set of a porno?

10. Duly noted

The fact that these are computer-printed and not just hand written really speaks volumes.


9. Neighborly advice

If this ain’t the biggest wake up call…

8. Don’t quit your day job

Ah the joys of paper-thin apartment walls.

7. No soup for you

Liar liar, mouth on fire.

6. Above average

Hey that’s still pretty good, all things considered.

5. Dating advice

This is the completely unnecessary sass that I am here for.


4. Water you waiting for?

Don’t be a mooch.

3. Poetry in motion

That is commitment.

2. Try for dry

Aw, they’re like festive little alcoholic jingle bells.

1. One man’s trash

This reads like a ransom note by a Dalek or something.


Despite the shade, I’m still feeling all of that heat. Never get in the way of someone willing to write you up like that. The note is a warning. The storm that follows will be vast and furious.

Have you passed along notes like this?

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