Breaking up might be hard to do, but for some people, it’s apparently an opportunity to loot your ex when they’re not looking.

I honestly had no idea that stealing things during and/or after a breakup was a thing, but there’s no way these 10 people could make these things up – and if you believe them, their exes were all about taking advantage when the opportunity presented itself.

10. They straight up stole the memories.

That’s a cold-hearted move.

Image Credit: Whisper

9. Too bad everyone isn’t trying to be civil.

That would be the best case scenario.

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8. What could they want with those?

Nothing but making things as hard as possible.

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7. That’s a nasty move.

What are they supposed to wear?

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6. I guess he thought wrong.

I’m not sure truly mutual breakups actually exist.

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5. They knew exactly what to take.

At least, if they wanted to be the biggest jerk possible.

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4. Probably the worst thing you could steal.

And the hardest to get back.

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3. He’s probably doing both.

What a nightmare for everyone involved.

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2. This makes me want to cry.

They’re so sweet to take a breath before demanding the dog back.

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1. I hate that this is a thing that’s possible.

She’ll never be able to get those back.

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Well, I guess this is one way to handle a breakup. I don’t think it’s the most healthy way, or maybe it is – we only have one side of the story, after all.

Has an ex stolen something from you? What was it? Did you get it back? We’re dying to hear all of the details down in the comments!