We all have our preferences when it comes to romantic partners, though personally, I’ve always found preferences surrounding personality and temperament to be a better judge of who might be a good person to date.

Some people are more firm in their beliefs about physical attraction, though, and for these 12 men, bigger women are what they prefer.

If you’re curious about why, they’re spilling the beans in the comments.

12. That’s kind of rude.

All of these dudes are kind of pissing me off.

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11. They’re just the bomb.

I guess when you know you know.

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10. I mean seriously what is wrong with these dudes?

You can have a preference without being mean.

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9. There’s more to love.

He wants something to grab onto, etc etc.

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8. I guess he’s not a leg or a smile man.

To each his own.

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7. This honestly seems kind of rude.

I’m going to guess that they feel the same way about you.

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6. This one is cool – just not for you.

Take note, other rude and judgmental men.

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5. You can be skinny and confident, though.

This really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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4. I take offense at this.

I cuddled the same when I was skinny as I do fat.

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3. I would hope that you would take personality into consideration.

That just seems like a no-brainer.

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2. He’s a middle of the road dude.

Like Goldilocks, but with dating.

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1. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

No matter what we look like on the outside.

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I mean, this is definitely a case of “whatever blows your skirt up,” I think, which is fine. Though I feel like at least some of these guys would take offense to me suggesting they wear skirts.

How do you define your romantic preferences? Is it physical, or typically more personality? Let’s talk about it in the comments!