Full disclosure: I’m bad at Twitter. I won’t even bother plugging my handle here because at this point I only post about twice a year, as if it’s a special holiday treat or something. But what I am rather good at is lurking on Twitter. ‘Cause even though I have little to contribute, soaking in the hilarious contributions of others in creepy silence is one of my favorite pastimes.

Enjoy these 10 funny tweets from people who are better at Twitter than you (and me.)

10. Say uncle

The well-aged Prince of Bel Air.

9. Side-splitting

Use the beef to grab some beef.

8. Bad influence

Joke’s on you, there’s no school anymore.

7. Leaf it be

This joke is terrible. I need to give this guy a fern talking to.

6. Digital digit dance

I give this two big thumbs up.

5. Mind on my money

I’ve waited patiently lo these many years, and no truck full of cash has yet arrived.

4. Navigational novice

I’m still working on “left” and “right.”

3. Love at first sight

Nobody had better be slightly nice to me, I might have to propose to them.

2. The room where it happened

This is less “haha” funny and more “hell yeah let’s burn down the system” funny.

1. Something to chew on

Same except I don’t tend to go with the starvation option much.


Honestly, reading through those makes me realize I’ll never be one of the Twitter greats, and I’m at peace with that. It’s way easier to just keep scrolling and laughing anyway.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter?

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