There’s a lot of talk and debate over the failings of our society’s educational systems, but honestly, I’m not worried, because the kids are looking at memes all the time, and what knowledge could there possibly be out there that you can’t get from memes?

Granted, it’s generally not conventional knowledge, but there is wisdom and use in it nonetheless. Here are 15 insightful memes, and what we can learn from them.

15. Self-worth

Even the magic frog babies among us are deserving of dignity.

14. Medical science

We should really invest more in making cartoons a reality.

13. Etiquette

A master of conversation is a master of life.

12. Anatomy

It is, in fact, crazy how nature do dat.

11. Writing

Learn exactly how not to make great literature with this one easy trick.

10. Artificial intelligence

The future is now, and it’s coming for our doggo muffins.

9. Conflict resolution

Consequences will NEVER be the same.

8. Zoology

Did you know that not all flying animals are the same?

7. Sociology

Lowering the bar is only impressive in limbo.

6. Parenting

Ah yes, so brave.

5. Sex education

Know how not to get yourself into this mess.

4. Power dynamics

Remember to keep your problems in perspective.

3. Construction & architecture

I want to add a third joke, but it would be boring.

2. Botany

No, leaf me alone.

1. Psychology

There are some horrors the mind is simply not equipped to come back from.

Honestly, I feel like I just earned a Master’s Degree in random nonsense. For free! This is the start of a brilliant new chapter in my life.

What have memes taught you?

Share the knowledge in the comments.