Memes, man. Scrolling through memes is the only way for me to feel alive anymore. Nothing else gives me that kind of rush. It’s a dangerous thrill, but it’s worth it. I live life on the edge. The four edges of a nice, square meme. And nobody can stop me. *takes drag off cigarette* *coughs violently for 10 minutes* * regains composure and looks cool again*

Check out these 15 memes that’ll make you really feel again.

15. This is fine

I am going to take this sitting down.

14. Highly alarming

And still I’m not getting up.

13. Hush puppy

But I have so many tails to tell.

12. Water on a grease fire

Hating myself has never felt so good.

11. Time and time again

I can’t remember any human being’s name for more than 4 seconds, but I’ve got all this locked away.

10. Late night lit

Ah, if it isn’t the indignity of my own actions.

9. Bitter slither

I need to know the real story behind this photo immediately, please.

8. Contain yourself

This is me except none of the lids even match.

7. You’re welcome

I am one with the spirit of the earth. I need no receipt.

6. Wheel out

These are his greatest invention yet.

5. I plead the fifth

But it’s an entire foot long! I’m losing money if I don’t buy it!

4. Judgement day

And I WILL do it in a snooty British accent.

3. Accidents happen

Cars are like time bombs that only blow up your money.

2. You got served

Do you even realize who you’re dealing with?

1. Sleepy slippery slope

College edition: “How bad do I actually need this grade?”

Ooooh, what a rush! That’s the good stuff right there.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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