Let’s not play games. We both know what this is. We know why you’re here. You want memes, we’ve got memes. It’s OK. There’s no shame in that. Just relax. Have some of these memes. Laugh a bunch. Make people in other rooms wonder what the hell is going on. Let them wonder. Let them stare. Right now this is about you. And memes.

Here are 13 memes you can laugh at as loud as you want. No judgement.

13. Tracking treasures

It’s 3 stops away…2 stops away…1 stop away…THE PACKAGE IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!

12. Common courtesy

No good deed goes unpunished.

11. Cat woman vs Joker

Wanna know how I got these boops?

10. Good boi the golden

I think those drinks have gone to his head.

9. Positive attitude

I shouldn’t be laughing. There’s no way I should be laughing.

8. Loud and proud

You made this? I made this.

7. On the other hand

Get woke, clock cucks.

6. Profiles in obsession

Why would you still allow them this? It’s your most precious asset.

5. Date-a mining

I’m sure they just really appreciate my personality.

4. Girl, interrupted

At least she’s honest about it?

3. Loopholes

My house, my rules.

2. Heated moments

Once you read it, it will be physically impossible to avoid singing it.

1. Literally you

It’s like looking in a memey mirror.

We hope you got several laughs out of that collection. Because without laughs, what are we even doing here?

What kind of memes get the biggest laughs out of you?

Tell us in the comments.