Marriage is a huge deal that will impact your life – for better or worse – for years. Decades. Longer! That said, many people really seem to focus more on the actually wedding and the party than all of the harder stuff that comes afterward.

These 10 people weren’t fooled, though, and were able to look past the excitement of the moment and realize that they weren’t as sure about the decades to come – and here are the reasons they decided not to walk down the aisle.

10. He showed his true colors.

She saw those red flags and just decided to walk away.

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9. Well this is awkward.

I have many questions, too, that will sadly never be answered.

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8. More waving red flags!

Maybe he thought her asking for one was a red flag, too.

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7. You’re talking about forever.

So you can’t worry too much about what other people think.

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6. I want to give this woman a high five.

That dude doesn’t sound like he deserves to have a wife.

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5. This seems pretty dramatic.

That said, if friends and family hate your significant other, it’s usually a good idea to ask yourself why.

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4. I love hearing that some people are actually in mature relationships.

Which I’m sure didn’t really take the sting out of this one.

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3. What else could she actually do?

She doesn’t need that kind of person in her life.

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2. That’s one of the bridesmaid duties.

I’m pretty sure it’s in the contract we all mentally sign.

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1. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

What a depressing future that would have been.

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I mean, I feel like they made the right decision, don’t you?

If you or someone close to you have called off a wedding, tell us in the comments your reasons for doing so, and whether or not you think you made the right call!