Graduations are some of those life events that everyone has an idea of how they’ll go in their mind. They’re celebrations, they’re rites of passage, and we expect the day will go smoothly.

Of course life is life and things sometimes don’t go according to plan – but if you’re prone to anxiety or are very empathetic, beware – these 10 stories might cause you a fair bit of secondhand embarrassment!

10. This story has some holes.

You can’t just stop someone from graduating out of spite.

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9. I’m not gonna lie, that sounds nice.

Those ceremonies are long, y’all.

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8. What a proud moment.

I love the love for their mama!

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7. I mean…fair.

As long as someone wakes you up when your name is called.

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6. Not everyone loves high school.

It’s definitely not the best times of everyone’s life.

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5. Oooh I hate that feeling.

How awful just waiting for it to wake back up so you can walk!

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4. It really was a rehearsal for the real thing.

At least they knew what to do.

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3. They kind of brought it on themselves.

No judgement, I’m just saying.

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2. What a fantastic moment!

The only one of these that was a good surprise, honestly.

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1. This sounds like the start of a romcom.

Possibly a good one, depending on why they broke up.

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See what I mean?

I’ve gotta say, though, I kind of wish my graduations had been just a bit more exciting.

Were your ceremonies unexpected in any way? Tell us your best stories in the comments!