You ever walk away from a situation only to later come up with the perfect response you should have said? Or the inverse: setting up the perfect thing to say and getting a response that completely throws you off?

Normally perfect comeback situations are reserved for screenplays, where writers control both sides of the conversation and have time to craft them exactly. But every once in a while, one pops up in the wild. And thanks to super advanced technologies like screenshots, we get to keep and share these responses with the world.

10. You’re doing it wrong

9. Maybe he’s not the catch you thought he was…

8. Masterful rhetoric

7. Call the burn unit

6. Yeah I’d say most of us are in trouble

5. Self-burn. Nice.

4. Dude. Run.

3. That scarf tho

2. A warped body image

1. Help control the pet population

Now that I’ve read up on good responses, I’m gonna go take a shower and think up some super clever responses for the guy who cut me off in traffic today. It’s gonna be retroactively epic.

What’s your favorite comeback?

Hit us with it in the comments.