Periods suck. Period. Periodically a period strikes and for a period of time, the period positively permeates the person’s pastimes. Periods have the propensity to propagate perplexing pains and panicky perceptions which place periods firmly at the pinnacle of experiences we’d prefer to push away. Period.

Peruse these period pieces to more pleasantly process the particular pain of these pesky periods.

10. Color coded

I’m just gonna lie here ’till it’s over.

9. Bloody hell

“You’re gonna be OK! Say the goddamn words!”

8. A quiet place

May as well shout it from the rooftops.

7. The end of the road

This is my final resting place.

6. Fruitful endeavors

To be fair, those apples are being total jerks.

5. Mixed messages

If only you could just block this number.

4. That’s SO Raven

Oh, snap!

3. Jelly belly

But it was the last one and it was banana flavor, who wouldn’t cry?

2. Step away

Chucky didn’t come to play.

1. What do your elf eyes see?

The beacon is lit, Gondor calls for aid.

If you’re dealing with a period right now, we all wish you godspeed. You can do this. You can win this. You WILL live to fight another day. Period.

What’s the worst thing about all of this in your opinion?

Go ahead and vent about it in the comments with us.