It’s really astonishing, some of the things people can make it all the way to adulthood without knowing. Sometimes it’s little stuff, and it sort of makes sense that you might not know, or like, maybe you just zoned out in high school history class (who didn’t?).

But when it comes to totally blanking on the human anatomy as an adult (sometimes with kids?) it can be stunning, and not in a good way.

These 15 people had some major fails in that area. Like, yikes.

15. The second one legit cracked me up. A pocket.

When I was 16 I had a guy friend put his hands on either side of my stomach and ask me if he squeezed hard enough would all of my period come out at once and be done with for the month.

The following year I was at the mall with a different guy friend and it happened to be the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale where they put all the panties in big boxes separated by size and you kind of rifle through to find the style you like. We were both going through boxes and he held one up and goes, “This one has a pocket!” He was taking about the crotch lining.

14. This guy definitely doesn’t know how anything female works.

A guy in my year saw me buying stuff for my period when i was about 15 years old. He looked at me and muttered slut under his breath… unsure if he really understood what a period was???

13. I don’t know why this is supposed to be embarrassing?

Don’t know if this counts, but a couple friends and I were getting out of the pool, and of course it got cold, so my nips were noticeable, and a male friend commented on it like I could somehow change this fact as we were heading back to the room (from his perspective he didn’t want me to be embarrassed since we were still kind of in public, and he wasn’t sure if I had noticed my own body; of course it had the opposite effect, and of course I know they are noticeable). My other friend was like “dude, why point hers out when she didn’t say anything bout yours.”

12. That’s not how cancer (or cervixes) work.

Recently my aunt got cervical cancer. My uncle wasn’t feeling well and thought he may have gotten cervical cancer from her.

11. Um but yes I’ll go home early.

My boss offered to send me home early because he saw the tampon (fresh out of the box, still in wrapper) and got uncomfortable. Like, thanks and all but I live with this shit for a week every month, I’m all good.

10. It’s surprising how many people don’t know how many holes there are.

I was told once that women should “clean out their vagina before sex in case there’s pee in there still”, obviously thinking we pee from the same hole. And forgetting men DO pee from the same hole.

Should note that we all received decent sex Ed at the time but most of the lads sat at the back of the class giggling and making rude comments whenever female anatomy came up so they learned nothing.

9. Okay let’s all quit I’m game.

“Wearing bras gives you breast cancer.”

Yeah. Thanks dad. You could have just told me you didn’t want to take me bra shopping that day.

8. See also: can’t you just hold it in?

“just pee out all the blood and finish your period”

7. Ohhhhh this is sort of adorable but also wut.

Not a female and telling on myself here, but when my wife was pregnant with our first child, I stupidly asked how old he’d be before his eyes were going to open (due to the fact that I had only had dealings with puppies and kittens being born at that point in my life). That was 13 years ago and still gets brought up whenever I get too sure of myself on any unrelated subject matter.

6. This is a grown man who has procreated.

I was visiting my father when I got my period when I was around 13-14, it was the first time I had been staying at his place when it happened to I had nothing there and wasn’t prepared so I had to ask him to take me to the store. SO we go to the store down the aisle and he grabs a box of pads but I was use to using tampons, so I just said “no no dad i actually use these” and grabbed a box of tampons and up to the register we went. Then we get into the car and we sit, he doesn’t start it, just sits there, sighs, and then looks as me completely serious and goes “I thought you had to be a non-virgin to use tampons!?” hahaha No Dad, You don’t have to be a “non-vigrin” to use tampons, never let him live it down,

5. I hate all of this story except the last bit.

My ex asked me how I knew my period was over. He was 21 at the time. Now, that wouldn’t have even been that bad, but I started to explain how the flow gets lighter until it eventually stops and he cut me off. Said it was gross and he regretted asking.

He also thought any pubic hair on a woman was gross. I get wanting it tidy, but he thought all women should be shaved/waxed all the time. And no, his pubic area was never hair-free.

My only regret was not breaking up with him sooner.

4. Can HE control HIS headaches?

A friend told me that once she made a comment about having cramps and a headache to her boyfriend and he got all disgusted and said “Well can’t you control that? Like make it stop?”

Not the main reason she dumped him but I’m sure it didn’t help.

3. That’s definitely not how any of this works?

I know a man who assumed that smaller girls must have tiny vaginas & would break in half during sex with a large penis but big girls had huge vaginas and it would take a huge man to even please them. He was 28 years old…

2. Like he thought she’d never used them before then?

My ex commented that my tampons were “huge”….Because he had no idea that there is an applicator involved..

To be fair, it was very endearing on a different occasion, when I came home after asking him to pick up a box of tampons for me and he had the little instruction pamphlet spread out on the kitchen table like a road map and greeted me with a dead serious “ok, so here’s what we have to do!”

1. Bless his little pea pickin’ heart.

I’ve known more than one man who believed that women need to pee after sex to push the cum out in order to reduce chances of pregnancy – and would get suspicious of me if I didn’t immediately go pee.. like I was intentionally trying to get pregnant despite having been on birth control at the time.

Just HOW, you guys? I really need to know!

Have you ever encountered a moment like this? We want to hear about it in the comments!