There is almost nothing more awkward than walking in on someone or something that you weren’t meant to see, and will never again be able to erase from your memory.

Not all coincidences are kismet, ala Casablanca, and these 13 people can definitely attest to that fact.

13. Now you have to have a whole different kind of talk.

How old is this kid?

12. That is definitely an image you do not want burned on your brain.

It will get better, eventually.

11. Make way for the ice queen.

But seriously, what else were you going to do?

10. That’s a secret you definitely want to keep.

If you like your job, I mean.

9. This is the most wholesome one and I am here for it.

I love this story and hope the boss did, too.

8. Why is this so many of the stories?

Stop it, dudes.

7. Now we’re all embarrassed.

It would have been worse if her mom wanted to watch it with her though.

6. This…is not the talk they should have had.

Come on, dads.


But seriously you guys I have so many questions.

4. It definitely is not.

But seriously guys, no one wants your nudes.

3. I mean…good for them?

Is this kind of a wholesome story? I can’t decide.

2. This totally cracks me up.

I don’t think it’s true, though.

1. You gotta do what you gotta do.

It’s just like a chest massage, right?

I am secondhand horrified, y’all!

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