Like many of you, I spent a good amount of time in my younger years at a public-facing job. I waited tables, I worked for a major league baseball team, and I answered phone calls on a collection line.

Yeah, I know.

So I know firsthand what everyone who has ever worked in customer service knows – it’s rough, and sometimes being able to laugh at other people is the only thing that gets you through the days.

If you’re deep in it now, check out these 13 memes that will make you feel seen!

13. “Hmm, let me check.”

“Yep, it’s closed.

12. Sure, I’ve got more hands.

They act like they don’t notice, too.

11. I want to say I’ve never been guilty of this.

But I don’t want to lie to y’all.

10. Do you have eyes, lady?

They don’t really see you, though, right?

9. It really does take years off your soul.

And off your skin, as you can see.

8. And your eye starts to twitch.

Some people are not doing the best job raising kids.

7. Yes yes he’ll definitely get the message.

You’ll never know the difference.

6. You actually do, though, because there’s just another phone call coming behind it.

Unless you have a quota and then, I’m sorry.

5. You can just assume.

And it kills us a little bit to answer you, just so you know.

4. You never know if you’re coming back, do you?

And honestly, you don’t have the will to care.

3. I don’t understand why this is a thing.

Why y’all want to do this to people?

2. This is my fake polite face.

I actually hate your guts.

1. Sorry I didn’t hear you what?

I’m already halfway out the door.

I’m definitely not looking to go back there anytime soon!

What’s your favorite story from your customer service days? Spill in the comments!