Sit down, kid. Today we’re gonna be dispensing advice. Not me, specifically. I don’t have any good advice and I should never be listened to.

But the people of Twitter have occasionally gotten good advice, and they’re more than happy to pass it on, as prompted by this popular tweet.

So, what turned out to actually, in fact, be helpful? Let’s cut through the clutter and get to the goods.

10. Rising in the east

Hey, if you can be that picky, go for it.

9. On the level

Also – a dummy who enters a fight isn’t there to learn, so it’s never going to matter how much you teach them.

8. Focus up

Interesting way of putting it, but that makes sense.

7. Self-defeat

Ha! That’ll show me!

6. Self-reflection

Before you lash out, look in.

5. Office intrigue

Sometimes it’s nice to fly under the radar.

4. Self-elimination

You’ll have so many critics in this life, why let yourself be one of them?

3. Peer pressure

Thanks, dad.

2. Make it happen

If others are not appreciating your talents, go into business for yourself.

1. I forgot to Minchin

This guy is one of my favorites.

I think we can all get down with those.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?

Tell us in the comments.