There are some things you just stare at for a while, because you can’t believe that they actually exist, but of COURSE they do.

And there are corners of the internet dedicated entirely to rounding such things up and ogling at them, because of COURSE there are.

And now we’ve compiled a list of some of the most shocking of these items to share with you so you can waste some more time today, because of COURSE we have.

It’s all so unnecessary, and yet it’s just part of the social order somehow. It’s balanced. It is the way of nature. And none of us may stand in its way.

10. Chernobyl Snow Globe

Why not get festive with this? Oh, a million reasons, you say?

Chernobyl snow globe, made in Ukraine.
byu/Gorbushka666 innextfuckinglevel

9. Flushable Socks

But why. But why though.

Flushable socks
byu/angrytimmy24 inofcoursethatsathing

8. Dr. Pepper Beans

I’m thinking about those beans.

Anybody willing to try?
byu/Gage_Link inofcoursethatsathing

7. Ketchup Mayo

Why does it look exactly like toothpaste though?

Ketchup Mayo hybrid in a tube for your viewing pleasure and condiments needs
byu/That-Donkey inofcoursethatsathing

6. Chocolate Salami

That’s gonna be my new rap name as soon as I write a rap.

Chocolate Salami
byu/theparachutescene inofcoursethatsathing

5. Neck Phone Holder

Maybe this is useful if you have certain disabilities. Otherwise I can’t imagine why you’d buy it.

Smartphone holder that goes on your neck
by inofcoursethatsathing

4. Playmobil Hurt Locker

Playmobil has always seemed to just kind of exist on another level.

Playmobil had a Hurt Locker set, complete with little toy IEDs
byu/D15c0untMD inofcoursethatsathing

3. Moving Straps

I dunno, you ever seen professional movers do their thing? They rig up whole fridges to their backs, it’s wild.

There’s just no way this could really work
byu/tomatosoupboi inofcoursethatsathing

2. Social Media Meters

Now serving, number infinity.

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1. Space Balls Comb

I was like yesterday years old when I realized that the actor who said “We ain’t found s**t!” is the same guy who played Tuvok in Star Trek.

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Hold on, let me find my wallet.

Which one of these would you actually buy?

Tell us in the comments.