Welp, we’ve officially reached the point where people who don’t remember the 90’s are full-on, legally emancipated, college-attending, family-starting adults. For someone like me who spent his childhood in the 90’s, this is a very strange feeling. But maybe I can use this moment to do some good! You see, people apparently have questions about what life was like in those most ancient of days, and, young though I was, I do remember a few things about human existence in the previous millennium.

So, let’s go through 10 questions about life in the 90’s, and try our best to answer them.

10. Got milk?

Answer: probably because of the iconic “got milk?” ad campaign which kicked off in 1993 with a commercial directed by – I’m not kidding – Michael Bay.

9. Make it a Blockbuster Night

Answer: I mean, not me, cause I was a kid, but other people, definitely.


8. It’s gonna be May

Answer: I don’t know, I think this was considered edgy at some point.

7. Black & white

Answer: it was a bathroom flex, the way having a weird-shaped sink is today.


6. A good day to die hard

Answer: his appeal was less abs-of-steel and more tough-guy machismo. That was a bigger thing in the 90’s.

5. Ski free

Answer: …no. What? No.

4. Know when to fold ’em

Answer: people have been doing this for over 1,000 years, so, no, we didn’t stop in the 90’s.


3. And a diet coke

Answer: yep. Don’t really know where it came from. Slang is gonna do what it does.

2. Walk down the aisle

Answer: by first approaching the wrong, similarly dressed woman, realizing our mistake in horror, then running around till we got it right.

1. Serious business

Answer: in the 90’s, a conference could begin at any moment. You had to be ready. You had to be vigilant.

I hope you found some of those answers helpful. If I’m going to spend the rest of my life being painfully aware of my age, I might as well provide some insight along the way.

What questions do you have about the 90’s?

Let us know in the comments.