Remember the 2000’s? That decade that literally started with dire warnings about the collapse of society because we forgot to program our computers to tell time correctly? Well, luckily we got to work on fixing that dreaded bug and by the time that new year/decade/century/millennium arrived, we were ready to blast into new experiences and trends that to this day we’re all looking back on with a mixture of fondness and total bewilderment. Finally, at long last, we were living in the future, and we got to decide what that future looked like.

It turned out it looked a lot like boy bands and excessive hair product. In retrospect, we’ve got some questions.

10. PT Loser

This one hits close to home as I literally had one of these for years. Not my proudest moment.

9. Could they BE any more of a trendsetter?

Having never worn a bra myself I feel unqualified to answer this question. Further expertise is needed.

8. Party on top

Why anyone chooses to wear pants under any circumstance is baffling to me.

7. That tracks

Bold of you to assume we had closet space.

6. Are you gellin’?

Hair mustn’t be allowed to roam free. It must be slicked. It must be contained.

5. Cracking up

There’s an embarrassing b*tt crack photo of all of us somewhere.

4. Bleeding_h4rtz_xXx_460

Sometimes I’d get mixed up and ask someone “a/s/l?” in real life.

3. Ra ra o la la

I…don’t remember this, but I’ll take your word for it.

2. High school musical

Movies give us an unrealistic standard of literally everything.

1. It used to be OURspace…

Imagine if this was still a function of Facebook today. *shudder*

We hope this has been a (mostly) pleasant trip down memory lane. If you’ve got nothing better to do today, maybe go dig up those 12 pixel digital camera pics you’ve probably still got from the early aughts and relive some low-res moments.

What do you think was the strangest thing about the 2000’s?

Let us know in the comments.