Whether you’ve having an absolutely killer day or it’s a huge slog, any situation can be made better with a little bit of Twitter fun.

There’s an absolutely endless stream of creativity and energy on the micro-blogging site turned cultural phenomenon that it’s easy to just get lost scrolling through the content. But for maximum efficiency, you don’t want to spend too much time picking through the noise for the good stuff. So, in the interest of making your day better as quickly as possible, we’ve got a nice selection of some of the better bits.

Here are the top 10 random tweets that will brighten your day and fill your step with pep.

10. Information overload

We’re quickly running out of excuses for our all of our stupid.

9. Fashion statements

Did you not get my references?

8. Carbon burn

BP, no. Come on. What are you doing?

7. Cheesy choices

Mozzarella sticks are truly a testament to the hubris of man.


6. Eat your heart out

An apple a day keeps the body guessing.


5. I’ve got another riddle for you

They really need to unionize.

4. Raise the oof

R you serious?

3. Chipping in

So THAT’S why it said “wear clothes you can move in.”

2. Model student

I’m not useless if I can be used as a bad example.


1. Eat moar chikn

Hahahaha that cow doesn’t want to die!

Hope those made your day a little better. If so, be sure to pass ’em on. Don’t hog all that pep to yourself!

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter right now?

Tell us about ’em in the comments!