You can only experience a phenomenon for the first time once. That means you have to soak it all in, give yourself permission to freak out and obsess, and yeah, realize that you’re going to have a lot to talk about for awhile.

Luckily, there aren’t many people who haven’t seen Hamilton now that it’s available on Disney+, so people like these 10 – who have a lot of feelings right now – have plenty of folks willing to squeal with them all over again.

10. He did great things but I mean he is a man.

Sorry not sorry.

9. This is super accurate.

But also it totally worked somehow?

8. This shouldn’t be a hot take, and yet…

All of the founding fathers are problematic. That doesn’t mean they also didn’t do great things.

7. You think you know how you’re supposed to feel and then…

Or they could just be shocked and awed and the spinning stage and backward choreo.

6. When you realize you need an entire musical about the Schuyler sisters.

Any day now, Lin Manuel. *taps watch*

5. Somehow, we can all relate.

And yeah, we’re all still jamming out to the soundtrack.

4. He must have been getting his popcorn at the beginning.

Or during his American History class in high school.

3. No comment needed.

Googly eyes make everything funny.

2. The Reynold’s Pamphlet will forever be a d%ck move.

You can root for them and also think this, I promise.

1. She is one good woman.

He definitely didn’t deserve her.

I am someone who didn’t get to see it until recently, and I couldn’t love it more.

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