I am one of those people who hadn’t had a chance to see Hamilton before it came to Disney+. I knew what it was about and I’d heard some of the songs (I honestly don’t know how big of a rock you’d have to have been living under to not), but seeing it in person had eluded me.

Like these 11 people, I was super excited to give it a go. Also like these 11 people, I had thoughts and a mighty need to discuss afterward, so please, enjoy their innocence and indulge their enthusiasm, okay?

11. If that doesn’t get you I don’t know what will.

Because there’s not a dry eye in the house.

10. There’s no preparing for which bit you’ll be humming on any given day.

But it will be a Hamilton lyric.

9. Hamilton’s stamina was crazy.

I feel like a lazy pos every time I think about it, you?

8. They were done with your crap the first time you opened your mouth.

Especially Angelica, look at that face.


7. Most of the time the whole dueling thing seems terrible.

But then someone says something like this.


6. This is an accurate representation.

But also he deserves to congratulate himself there.

5. Exactly what happened at our house.

Until Taylor dropped “Folklore” sorry Lin.


4. Yeah this musical giveth, so it must taketh away.

Nothing is perfect.


3. I am in this tweet but didn’t approve it.

This tweet is all of us.


2. It’s a moment worth waiting for.

And a moment that should make everyone cheer.

1. We’ve all been the “and Peggy” at some point in our lives.

Just one more reason to relate.

I’m a history buff/nerd, so I knew I would love Hamilton, but I wasn’t prepared for how much!

What were your thoughts after seeing it for the first time? Tell us in the comments!