Having kids seems like a pretty enormous responsibility and one that would come along with a huge list of fears and anxieties even under the best of circumstances.

But what about far from the best of circumstances?

Like, say, the person you’re with is not the father of the child you’re about to have.

How do we cope with that? Here are a few real, anonymously submitted confessions on the subject.

10. Ummmm…. whoops?

What are you doing going around just letting people drop in like that?

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9. What will they say?

Just one thing and one person at a time, I guess.

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8. What they don’t know

The truth is going to come out eventually.

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7. The kid

Don’t be so quick to assume that. A kid’s dad is the man who raised her.

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6. Will he leave?

Sounds like a hard discussion is in your future.

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5. Back to basics

You need to come clean about a whole bunch of stuff right about now.

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4. Never been stronger

Not all the stories end badly.

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3. Doing the math

Well, he’s gonna find out for sure.

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2. This mess

No knowing until you dive in.

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1. Twin problems

I know this is real but honestly it sounds like some soap opera crap.

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What do you do with all that? If there’s one thing we can take from the majority of points there it’s probably…don’t cheat.

Just. Yanno, don’t.

Have you had experience with this sort of thing?

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