You hear a lot of stories about deadbeat dads – the guys who just won’t take the responsibility of their children seriously. It’s disheartening and frustrating, especially when they won’t even acknowledge it.

But for every deadbeat out there, there are are so many more man who are trying their best to be the father their child needs – and it’s ironically these guys who are most often plagued by doubts that they’re doing it right.

Have a look at these anonymous confessions from dads who just feel like they’re failing, and the reasons why.

10. “I need an escape.”

I think this is a pretty common thing for people to experience, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities.

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9. “My depression kicks up”

Seeking help is the most responsible thing you can possibly do.

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8. “She makes me feel like a bad father”

Whatever the cause, that is an unstable and unsustainable dynamic.

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7. “My father was never there for me”

Trying to make up for the absence of someone in your own life can be a never ending quest.

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6. “I can’t get my son that much”

It’s not all about material things.

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5. “I regret getting tattoos”

Your kid will never see it that way. They’ll just see you.

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4. “She cried every night”

“I’m not trying my hardest to get custody.”

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3. “I can’t fix it”

That’s not being a bad dad, that’s just being highly empathetic.

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2. “Everyone expects so much from me”

It can feel like drowning.

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1. “I just cannot be…”

Those two relationships are different and must be handled differently.

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Here’s to all the dads out there. We know it ain’t easy.

Have you ever felt like a bad parent? What brought that on?

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