The pressures of being a parent can really get to people. You have the responsibility of raising up a human life, and the last thing in the world you want to do is drop the ball.

Am I a good parent?” is a question that has haunted so many for so many years. And the reasons the question comes up are as varied as people themselves.

Here are a few reasons in particular that men feel they might be bad dads.

10. Stress

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. Kids are a handful, especially at that age. Stress is inevitable.

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9. Need to Flirt

A lot of how I’d assess this one depends on whether you’re single or not…

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8. A good job

Now that is an incredibly dicey situation.

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7. Work work work

Seasons like this are ok, as long as they don’t last forever.

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6. Friends

It’s always tough on kids to leave their buds behind.

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5. Wanting to leave

Some say there’s no such thing as a bad divorce.

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4. Spending decisions

Sounds like a little budgeting is in order. It’s not so bad, just sit down, write it out, stick to it.

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3. I lost it

Everybody loses their patience now and then.

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2. The work problem

The central theme to a thousand Hallmark movies.

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1. Solve for X

Some things he’ll have to figure out for himself, just like you did.

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Here’s to all the dad’s out there – it can be a real tough road.

Have you ever felt like a bad parent? What brought that on?

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