I never know what to tell the barber when I head in for a cut.

I just sort of point and grunt in a frightened manner, indicating lengths above ears and eyes, so that I may see and hear once more.

That’s where my expertise and taste of the topic ends, and that’s why I’m looking to expand my horizons.

Maybe a few of these more innovative haircuts, courtesy of Reddit, can give me something new to try.

15. The Mullhawk

Party in the back, different party in the front. All party.

Mohawk AND a mullet. Save us some coochie bro.
byu/CoyboyTheAssassin inJustfuckmyshitup

14. The Reverse Dad

Gets angry when you don’t mess with the thermostat.

Give me the reverse dad
byu/lightlyImpress88 inJustfuckmyshitup

13. The Groucho

No one will ever know.

byu/GARCIA9005 inJustfuckmyshitup

12. The Toast

This guy knows what he’s about.

“Gimme that slice of toast sellotaped to my forehead look fam”
byu/bennettbuzz inJustfuckmyshitup

11. The Party Animal

I feel like if I push his head around right I’ll enter a cheat code.

Down to party!!
byu/drewfussss inFuckMyShitUp

10. The Daily Regret

I dunno, you got enough going on it seems.

Regret in the making
byu/CorvoN7 inFuckMyShitUp

9. The Back Burner

For when you’d just like to have another thumb somewhere.

My friend was feeling good, until he saw the back
byu/F_Diemer inJustfuckmyshitup

8. The Headband

Just a strap, that’s all I need.

Lemme get the headband
byu/bit_map inJustfuckmyshitup

7. The Sophisticant

It takes a lot of words to describe, I’d agree with that much.

According to facebook this is a “Sophisticated intrigued strong bold female look”
byu/nuketesuji inJustfuckmyshitup

6. The Tear-Jerker

Come on, don’t be such a square.

Mans is holding back tears
byu/callofdino___ inJustfuckmyshitup

5. The Ratlord

You know this guy is good with a lightsaber.

byu/chickenfilletburgerr inJustfuckmyshitup

4. The Bowl Boss

Is…is he gonna kill me?

I am at a loss for words
by inJustfuckmyshitup

3. The Nohawk

One of the first miracles of Moses.

The nohawk
by inJustfuckmyshitup

2. The Chip

He tried his best and that’s what matters.

Lockdown home haircut gone wrong, think this guy needs better mates, letting him walk around like this should be a crime
byu/immywest inFuckMyShitUp

1. The Strand

It makes a statement. The question is: what?

Saw this while swiping on bumble… oof.
byu/xji6c-6u0_ inJustfuckmyshitup

I’m sure I can make one of those work.

What hairstyle do you most wish you could pull off?

Tell us in the comments.