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What was a disturbing sign that your friend might have a broken moral compass?
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It can be shocking to realize the person you’ve been dealing with or close to apparently has qualms about being awful.

And speaking of awful: just a blanket content warning from here on out. Some of this is pretty dark.

1. The Kiss

She kissed my then-boyfriend during MY birthday party.

That was the end for me.

She has no respect and I couldn’t trust her any more after that.

– Excellent-Elk-1435

2. I can dish it out, but I can’t take it.

When they like to beef with others just because, quoting their own words, «I’m bored».

Yet when someone is joking about them they cannot handle it.

– Gurkeprinsen

3. Awful Parenting

She started neglecting her children. I anonymously called CPS twice.

They came and never took the kids.

2 years passed, I cut ties and her children are finally in the custody of their grandparents.

– PoonGoon8

4. The Sociopath

My ex would questioned why I would share something (like dinner I made or my food/drink)that I paid for with my friends.

He couldn’t understand why I would do that without them giving me something in return.

– seatoc

5. Control Monster

A few years ago I was out with some friends, there was this guy who started humiliating his girlfriend in front of everyone, did everything he could to destroy her self esteem and brought her to tears.

When we were leaving he came to me and said “I felt really good tonight, I really felt like I was in control”.

And that’s how I lost my best friend ladies and gentlemen.

– loop_22

6. Cat’s out of the bag.

I had to stop her from drowning her cat in a kiddie pool, we were like 7 at the time.

I wonder what ever happened to her.

– ChosenSCIM

7. The Litterbug

When she cheated on her husband with a guy she worked with at a gas station, and then asked me to join them for a threesome, that was a big red flag flapping in the wind.

She also littered and thought it was funny. Literally threw trash out the car window driving down the road. Then giggled about it like she had gotten away with something.

She also invited me and my kids out to dinner one night by way of saying, “Let’s go to (restaurant) and let the kids run around and make a huge mess that we don’t have to clean up!”

Obviously, we are NOT friends anymore. She grew up in a very wealthy family (her mother’s last name is literally on a building in my city), attended private school, has a master’s degree in early childhood education and had every opportunity handed to her and still insists on acting like trash.

– YardSard1021

8. The Humiliator

I found out that a friend of many many years watched and shared a video of a drunk and passed out co worker being undressed, posed and mocked. I never saw the video but it was a fairly big deal at our small company and the woman that it happened to kind of downplayed the incident as boys being boys but she was clearly very humiliated by the whole experience.

My friend and I were fishing with a group of friends a couple of years after the video was filmed and I walked up on him showing the video to others in our group with one stating “oh I remember when you sent me this, it’s so f**ked up”. They than began imitating the video and making fun of the woman’s weight.

I packed up and headed out immediately and said friend and I are basically just fb acquaintances now.

– upornicorn

9. The Betrayal

One that really disturbed me was when I told a friend I couldn’t trust them anymore, because they’d betrayed me too many times.

Instead of trying to apologize, they chuckled and said that was fine, fully expecting us to continue being friends.

They seemed to have no recognition of the fact that betraying people is a bad thing to do. It was a bit creepy.

– peneverywhen

10. The Weirdest Lies

After not talking for months, my friend (ex), called me at 7AM crying about popping a tire and being stuck with her dogs. It was like -10 degrees so I called in sick to work, drove to where she was, and bought a spare on the way.

It turned out my jack wasn’t for an SUV so I went and bought one and came back. Changed the tire while freezing my balls off, by the end I couldn’t feel my hands or face. I honestly didn’t expect a thank you and didn’t care she didn’t thank me.

But when I got home I saw she made a long post on FB about some guy ‘saving her life.’ It actually made me real happy… until I saw it was about the homeless dude, who unsolicited, simply pointed to where I should put the jack (I did give him a 20 for the advice and because holy s**t, it was cold). She made a whole story up about a conversation that didn’t happen (she never got out of the car) and actually made fun of me for giving money away when I hopped in the car.

I still have absolutely no clue why she did any of this or how she benefited from lying here

– MidRangeSauce

11. How you treat the least of these.

Was at an indoor playground for a kids b day party.

He was turning 3, and most kids were around that age or a couple years older. My 2 kids were playing in the mess of pre Covid bodies. I was shooting the breeze and walking around with the birthday boys dad. He’s been a friend/ acquaintance for a few years by that point through family.

We see a 2 year old kid crying in a corner. He’s losing it. He’s Somali- American, pretty easy to point out his family. I quickly notice he’s out of their sight line and vice versa. I lean in and tell him his family is over their. Well the birthday boys dad, leans in and loudly yells “SHUT THE F**K UP!” He then nudges my shoulder, laughs, and walks away.

I flagged down one of the kids older siblings and pointed him out. Then moved on with my life.

But I couldn’t get over the way my “friend” treated a d**n child. A d**n toddler. Was it a power move? Was it a race thing? Was it all of it? Either way it was a big red flag. I kept my distance from him other than amicable conversation till they moved away.

The more I think about it the more uncomfortable it makes me.

– thePETEY12

12. The Backstabbers

When they have no problem talking about other friends behind their back in a negative way.

You can be certain they are doing it to you as well.

– broadsharp

13. The Snoop

he tried to get me to look through my friend’s messages.

(I had access to her account because she couldn’t post one day so she asked me too.)

it was during a fight and he tried to convince me that it wasn’t a big deal

– Advanced_Block2725

14. Blind Hatred

A guy in a group I was involved with was quite the p**sy hound. Slept with everyone- younger, older, whoever. Then came the time a member of the group who was blind and traveled a long way to an event went home with him and they had sex.

Afterward she asked for a ride home as the buses weren’t running, which he refused.

She asked how she’s supposed to get home then, and he replied, “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”

He was rejected by the group after word got out about this.

From then on, people in the group called him Firstname F**k-over-a-blind-chick Lastname whenever referencing him.


15. The Cheat

When I exposed his gf for cheating on him with a dude at a party that my friend threw. She was inside the washroom with the dude for an hour while my friend was passed out drunk in his room.

He stopped talking to me a week later. This was my best friend of 12 years.

– Responsible-Chard515

It’s hard to imagine what you do when you even find yourself in a situation that twisted.

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