Thinking about going out and getting a new style, but you’re not sure what to choose?

Are you maybe feeling a little bit put off by the same takes over and over again?

Well, fear not. Because Reddit has got plenty of new ideas. Even if some of them are off the beaten path a bit.

13. Bowl and Buzz Mullets

The hair is fascinating but I’m transfixed by the body language and facial expression of the person on the left.

Left: bowl cut X mullet. Right: buzz cut X mullet
byu/cmeredith4 inJustfuckmyshitup

12. Red Alert

The closest most of us can get to having an actual tail.

Who needs a ponytail holder anyway?
byu/ArgyBargyMumblecrust inJustfuckmyshitup

11. The Swoop

It’s the 50’s AND the future in here.

Grabbed a screen shot of this video from a FB add. Yeesh
by inJustfuckmyshitup

10. Comb Over Ponytail

He’s got so much and so little at the same time.

Combover ponytail
by inJustfuckmyshitup

9. The Self Bang

Desperate times and all of that.

Those pandemic “do-it-yourself” bangs
byu/jakethedukefan inJustfuckmyshitup

8. Hockey Flow

The perfect style to rock before getting your teeth knocked out.

Hockey flow 101
by inJustfuckmyshitup

7. The Look

I kinda dig it, honestly.

Cholombians: the bad hair subculture
by inJustfuckmyshitup

6. The Impermanent Perm

So no one told you life was gonna be this way…

He wanted a perm
byu/Puzzleheaded-Ad3126 inFuckMyShitUp

5. The Peak

Or maybe the avalanche?

Seen on Forensic Files.
byu/SmartyPanty inJustfuckmyshitup

4. The Sale

The higher the hair, the closer to closing.

This lady really wants to sell my house, sends these flyers EVERYWHERE looking like this
byu/Muddlingmoth inJustfuckmyshitup

3. The Long Haul

He’s got dedication, I’ll give him that.

compensate my balding with as much hair as you can
byu/AttackOrchid inJustfuckmyshitup

2. Timeless

Ah yes. Just at home today as it was never.

Absolute gem, found it on Pinterest with the title “timeless haircuts”
byu/NShaw22 inFuckMyShitUp

1. Peacock Karen

She has looked into the eyes of God himself – and demanded to see his manager.

Peacock Karen- lvl 90 Boss
byu/Dabaysyclyfe inEntitledKarens

If you can’t find inspiration in any of those, then you need to call up your muse and have a chat because they are failing you.

What’s your favorite hairstyle?

Tell us in the comments.