There’s a simple prompt made by one @justme that made quite a splash on Twitter.

It went like this:

The answers are revealing. And I think they’re well worth looking at, ESPECIALLY if you’re not a woman.

Guys – like me – can often feel this knee-jerk defensiveness when women try to express problems unique to them. Which is very strange, and needs to be fought against.

Let’s start by just, yanno, reading and listening for a minute.

12. Walk alone

And worry the whole time.

11. What’s success?

Both are great – but there’s more available in this world.

10. Too emotional

The Kyles of this world are out here punching drywall tho.

9. Where do you think you’re going?

Pretty sure he’s a big boy.

8. Seriously, where?

It never ends.

7. Stay away

I always wonder who I might accidentally be intimidating.

6. Taken seriously

It’s important.

5. Default cook

My mom eventually stopped doing this and just said “go find your own.”
It was actually really helpful.

4. Prey and spray

Imagine always feeling the threat of attack.

3. Getting downplayed

Believe it or not, education, intelligence, and the ability to read the news aren’t male-exclusive areas.

2. Playing nurse

Why is that the assumption?

1. The list

That’s a lot to take in all at once.

It’s a lot to think about.

What about you? Can you tell us you’re a woman without telling us?

Try in the comments.