Ok, it’s time to get real for a bit.

Twitter user @jestme got a little experiment rolling with a simple question, and an example response.


Pretty sobering right from the start, and an indication that this wasn’t a set up for a bunch of jokes.

The female experience was on broad display. Here are just a few of the resonate responses.

10. Just kids

Maybe, maybe not, but why is that something you feel the need to dictate to me?

9. When you getting hitched?

Oh sure you’ve got a rich full life but come on, what are you, a spinster?

8. It’s that time

Believe it or now I might just have some thoughts.

7. Every single time

My fellow guys – you gotta stop this. Take the no. Take the hint. You’re not just annoying her, you’re making her feel unsafe.

6. Part of the crew

This is some deep-seeded stuff.

5. Do you even lift?

Why, cause you guys can’t?


4. Going up


3. Cut it out

Yo I don’t even like cake.

2. Late to bed and early to rise

Gotta take care of everything.

1. No fun

When we’re teaching children not to laugh, that should be a sure sign we’re on the wrong track.

I’m gonna need a minute after all that.

So how about you? Can you tell us you’re a woman without telling us you’re a woman?

Give it a try in the comments.