I am a dude man person, and not capable of getting pregnant.

My entire life I’ve heard women tell me how insane it is, and how painful childbirth is, as though I’m being challenged to deny it.

I’m not. I’m sure I’ll never experience anything half as bizarre or challenging. The whole thing is a truly bonkers miracle and I can’t even wrap my head around what it’s like.

But these women can, and the reality of pregnancy is far beyond what anyone would think who hadn’t been near it before.

10. Coming from all sides

There’s a tiny person growing inside you and they’re here to make you sick as heck.

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9. Tinkle jealousy

Fortune in this world is all relative, my friends.

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8. The small victories

It’s truly the little things in life that you learn to treasure.

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7. Getting bigger

At a certain point the physics just can’t be sustained.

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6. Golden moments

Well, that’s a story for the ages.

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5. Getting ready

Some bodies just can’t seem to wait.

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4. It’s coming out!

Oh yeah, sweet victory all around!

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3. Pregnant brain

Wait, is that not what everyone dreams about every night?

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2. A show of force

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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1. Every single time

Sounds…like a nightmare.

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Well, that’s all a horrifying mess to have to deal with. Here’s to you, pregnant ladies. Thanks for keeping humanity going!

What was your pregnancy like?

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