Sexual attraction is just the weirdest thing. For so many of us it can be one of the main driving forces of our lives, and also it can just go away in a heartbeat.

It’s strange the tricks our own biology pull on us. And our own psychology. And other ologies I’m probably not fit to speak on.

The point is, you’re gonna find yourself drawn to and drawn away from people a LOT within your life, and there’s no great way to know exactly how to handle that every time.

Here, for instance, are ten stories from men who for one reason or another just suddenly found themselves no longer sexually attracted to their girlfriends.

10. “She won’t take care of herself.”

Whoa, those are two very different categories for concern there.

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9. “I get hookers.”

Bruh I don’t know what a “physical looking girl itch” is but I think you should go to a doctor.

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8. “I don’t know.”

Is it you? Is it me?

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7. “She refuses.”

All shallowness aside, that is an alarming amount of weight for a person to gain in a few years.

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6. “Part of it is because…”

I mean yeah, that’ll do it.

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5. “I can’t tell her the truth.”

How did the two of you end up together in the first place?

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4. “She also wants braces.”

Well, brace yourself.

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3. “Perfect in every way except…”

A disheartening number of entries here about this…

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2. “Boobs.”

Well, this is about as caveman simple as it gets.

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1. “Let herself go.”

But where, is the question.

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I don’t even know how to respond to some of those. What are men?

Have you had an experience like this?

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