I grew up in a pretty religious family and was taught in no uncertain terms that it was an absolute moral necessity to save sex for marriage, and a mortal sin not to.

Cut to…several years later and I’ve never been married but have done the sex. So far this shirking of my moral duty hasn’t resulted in anything terrible, but we’ll wait and see, I guess.

I’ll never know what it would have been like had I stayed on that prescribed path, but the people behind these confessions do.

10. Guy stuff

Hey man, it’s all good.

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9. The pain

The fact that’s often very painful at first for women seems suspiciously absent from abstinence education.

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8. No takesies backsies

See, this is why I feel like it’s a bad idea. What if you’re not sexually compatible?

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7. Ride in style

Welp, best of luck with all that.

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6. Passed out

Sounds like a lovely memory.

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5. The regret

Such a big part of life to leave to chance.

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4. The cost

There’s a lot more to this story I’d be interested to know.

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3. Two weeks

You’ll forever wonder what others would have been like.

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2. Awaited

It sure does take a lot of patience.

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1. Keep it

Glad it worked out for you. 🙂

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Yanno, to each their own. My only two cents would be that it’s YOUR decision to make. No one else gets to dictate it for you.

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