It can be hard to wade through the muck of Twitter in order to pull out the gems, and so most of us rely on others to retweet the best ones, or our friends to share them in DM.

Because isn’t having friends on the internet the best? They’re like real friends, but you don’t have to deal with all the nonsense associated with friendship. Win win!

Or you can scroll through lists like ours, because we think we’ve pulled 10 awesome ones here!

10. It’s kind of cute?

You must agree with me, yeah?

Image Credit: Twitter

9. If you’re not a tractor, it might not go well.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. I mean….hahaha.

You’ve gotta be able to laugh about it, I assume.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Just sad about the ruined tortilla, tbh.

The taco that never was.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. Where can I get one?

It’s important to keep people on their toes.

Image Credit: Twitter

5. Every single morning.

The whole money thing is exhausting.

4. Honestly, it might awhile.

Or never.

3. Eh, friends are better anyway.

Especially if they’re other girls.

2. Just think about it.

But not for too hard or for too long.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. We just can’t say no.

It’s becoming a real problem, honestly.

Image Credit: Twitter

I’m sure glad that I didn’t miss these 10, because if I had I would obviously have to go ALL the way down to the meme store and pick up 10 more. And wouldn’t THAT be a hassle.

But enough about me… how about you?

Tell us which was your favorite one in the comments!