High school bullies. What a fun topic to revisit, huh?

Most of us would probably rather never do so, but what makes bullying so insidious is that it doesn’t really give you the option of forgetting.

Still, we grow up, we move forward, and as we forge our path as adults, we can’t help but wonder what kind of adults our childhood troublemakers became themselves.

When @thetzechun posed this question on Twitter, there were hundreds of replies. Some of them sort of darkly funny, like these:

12. Top of the tower

The irony in bullies getting voluntarily bullied out of their own money.

11. Post-script

I’m sorry, WHAT?

10. A short memory

I’m sure he thought you were “just playing around.”

9. Enemy number one

Shh, he’ll hear us talking about him.


8. The war at home

You don’t always have to go far to find the jerks…

7. Live, laugh, torment

Good, GOOD, let the chaotic basicness flow through you…

6. Serve and protect

There were, in fact, tons of answers along these lines.


5. Hold your position

What can I offer you but my biggest oof.


4. Speak to your inner manager

Perhaps the universe DOES have a sense of justice.

3. Sick burn

Sounds like he’s still got it.


2. What are the odds

Numbers don’t lie.

1. That doesn’t rock

Dish dish dish, we need to know who!

Personally, and this is true, I was home-schooled up through mid-high school at which point I went to a tiny little private school. My only bully was the cardboard slacks of the school uniform. Last I heard, they’d been sold off at some garage sale. I wish them well, and I forgive them.

What about you? Where are your old bullies at?

Tell us about it in the comments.