This list is literally goals. It’s so goals, you can hear a soccer commentator yelling about it for minutes on end. (Was that a good joke? Do enough of you watch professional soccer to understand that? Maybe MY goal should be writing better intros.)

But enough about me. Let’s look at these memes about relationships – specifically, the kind of relationships we’re all after in our heart of hearts.

10. Ignition sequence

Jesus is watching you. And he approves.

9. Gotta get down on fry day

How did you know that my love language is potatoes?

8. An-kissy-pation

We’ve had first kisses, yes, but what about second kisses?

7. Back to back

Does that pink chair have bunny ears? This is some next level stuff.

6. Shocked and shook

Ok, guess I’d better try not to blow this.

5. Put a ring on it

This is how I look at stuffed crust pizza.

4. Go go go

Don’t catch me sleepin’ on this.

3. The waiting game

I’m all about the sentiment but count me out of the group selfie tooth brushing sessions.

2. Time flies

Being able to be yourself is one of the greatest blessings of a healthy relationship.

1. Rise and whine

Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?

Next step: print off all of these memes and put them on my vision board. If that doesn’t finally manifest me the perfect relationship, I don’t know what will.

What are your big relationship goals?

Tell us in the comments.