You ready for some real cute relationship memes? Yeah you are. You’re a total sucker for that stuff. And that’s fine. We all are. No layers of irony here. Just heartfelt expressions of how cool and weird it is to be in love. Yanno, in meme form.

Enjoy these ten cute memes about the person of your dreams.

10. Miss you already

To this I can only say: boo.

9. Catch a flick

You’re about to find our real quick if you truly have the same tastes or not.

8. Your just desserts

Don’t get greedy – you gotta time that stuff out.

7. Over the air waves

What does sleep have that I don’t got?

6. Shifting dynamics

When the darkness meets the light.

5. Don’t let the bed hugs bite

The tightest sleep you’re likely to find anywhere.

4. Chicks, man


3. Time frames

Stupid work and its stupid face.

2. Sweet dreams

And then you gotta mumble all about it to your pillow until you fall asleep.

1. Change your tuna

This is wedded bliss and you can’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

That’s the good, cute stuff. Maybe send this list to your love to test their limits for how much sweetness they’re willing to put up with. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

If you could pass on just one piece of relationship advice, what would it be?

Tell us in the comments.