The only thing better than being in a relationship is getting on Twitter and writing a bunch of micro-posts for strangers letting them all know how insane it is to be in a relationship.

Without that kind of broadcasting, would the experience even mean anything? Best not to find out. Because funny tweets about the dating world are what make the dating world palatable to begin with.

Here are ten such tweets for your giggling enjoyment.

10. We always deliver

I was going to make a joke here about someone’s crust getting stuffed but I won’t because I’m classy.

9. New openings

Oh the stupid, stupid games we play with each other.

8. On the same team

I know you have never and will never meet her, but trust me, she’s your enemy.

7. The truth comes out

If anybody was fooled by a mask that simple they deserve what they get.

6. Water on a grease fire

When you’ve officially soaked up too much.

5. Very alarming

If this is you we’re sleeping in separate bedrooms.

4. Laughing all the way

Love is a funny thing, especially if it involves a lot of funny things.

3. Moment of decision

Too bad he died of starvation in the meantime.

2. Reverse

Nobody goes harder than girlfriends after a breakup.

1. True love

Of all the love memes we’ve seen today, this one is the cheesiest.

Remember, no matter what your love life throws at you, you can always vent about it to the entire globe on Twitter. We’ve got your back.

What’s your biggest piece of relationship advice?

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