2020 has been a year that has made us all ask questions we never thought we’d find ourselves asking. Among those is “Should I do something extreme with my hair just to kill this boredom? Can I do it myself? Do I dare?” There have been plenty of examples of hilarious, disastrous attempts floating around the internet lately, but style transformations are usually more interesting and revitalizing, no matter the circumstance surrounding them.

The subreddit r/Hair has a longstanding tradition of users posting before and after pictures when they decide to be bold and try a new look – and some of them are pretty astounding!

If you’ve considered doing the same lately, maybe you can take some inspiration from these 10 great examples.

10. Short and sweet

It’s drastic and fantastic.

Before/After -> Got a ‘rona haircut… Finally got up the courage to go SHORT! What do you think!?
byu/Stellieboy inHair

9. Aquamarine

If I didn’t know any better I’d say these were actually two different people.

Took the plunge and got the aquamarine hair of my dreams
byu/veronicasawyers inHair

8. Shave and a haircut

Bald is beautiful.

Recently shaved my head! Best feeling EVER
by inHair

7. Curl girl

This is the level of proper maintenance we can only aspire to.

Four year transformation, all from learning how to take care of my curls
byu/capslockramen incurlyhair

6. Do-it-yourself

There’s no way I’d do half this good of a job.

Social Distancing DIY: I cut off almost 7″ due to very dry, broken ends. Turned out better than expected!
byu/Purifiedx inHair

5. Chop chop!

Don’t worry, I cry every time I get a haircut.

finally took the guts to chop it off. although I’ve never had really long hair, I still cried for a while and I’m trying to get used to the new look!
byu/Merlinique inHair

4. Gettin’ buzzed

When all else fails, ditch it.

Posted earlier asking if I should cut off my hair. I did it!! 🙂 thanks everyone <3
byu/altiste inHair

3. Norway know how!

Fitting as you were clearly a Viking before.

The hair salons are open in Norway now!
byu/hanvidd inHair

2. Pixie tricks

Lookin’ good!

A little before and after of my risky DIY transformation. Going for a pixie soon!
byu/Relevant_Relation inFancyFollicles

1. Room to grow

The most amazing thing here is that you’ve been wearing that necklace for 5 months. Respect.

A 5 months hair growth!
byu/millesfeuillles inHair

What do you think? Are you feeling a little closer to taking the plunge, or do you think you’re good sticking with your current 2020 look? We’re sure you look fabulous either way. 🙂

What look have you always wanted to pull off?

Tell us in the comments.