Without fail, everyone who’s attended high school can tell you about “the incident” or “the scandal” or “the event” that rocked their small academic world in their time. Some of these are unimaginably dark and tragic, others are more just…weird. Or hilarious. Or quirky. Or deserving of a movie adaptation.

A thread of countless such examples appeared on Twitter when writer/producer Alison Bennett tweeted the following:

It’s truly a treasure trove of insanity and we could be here all day parsing out the stories that ensued. But just to give you a taste, here are 15 of the best responses.

15. Ice ice baby


14. Vandals

This reads like a mad lib.

13. Bad motivation

As OP points out in a reply, this was also apparently a favorite tactic of cult leader Jim Jones. So. There’s that.

12. Condom-nation

OK but why would this be a scandal? You think they’re not gonna have sex? Grow up.

11. Number 2 most wanted

He probably started for the thrill and then continued for the notoriety.

10. Double assassination

Dude, Lincoln has been through enough at this point.

9. I’m lovin’ it

Ah yes, corporations profiting off childhood obesity. What fun!

8. Snipe war

But how much did it go for?

7. On the line

The fact that she wasn’t straight up forced to go home means your school was way more laid back than mine.

6. Gone to pot

Always make sure you bring enough for everyone.

5. Orchestrated crime

THIS is the movie I want to see the most.

4. Double standards

Clearly they had all the proof they needed.

3. Story killer

Alright, ya show-off.

2. Chain of evidence

Absolutely brutal.

1. Wool over your eyes

I had to read this one three times before I even understood what it was saying.

I think most of us can agree that we’re perfectly happy to leave high school behind, even if it did provide us with a few wild tales. I’ll keep the stories, the rest of that crap can stay in the past.

What was the big scandal at YOUR high school?

Dish it out in the comments.