Science. What is it, exactly? How does it work? Does it want to be my friend? And can it make me rich, somehow? These are the questions we’ll be exploring today on our journey through the cosmos of science memes.

Come aboard our ship of the imagination, and cruise the dank depths of human knowledge.

10. Breathe free

This is why Plankton on Spongebob is always struggling so much.

9. K

I think we might be putting a little too much pressure on this one little letter.

8. Hot take

I may not be the smartest, but you’re an absolute zero.

7. Stellar work

Another star’s career ruined by chemicals. Sad.

6. Genetic love

I’m going to plant a seed of affection.

5. Quantum of solace

If you think you understand it, you’re wrong.

4. Fun guy

Don’t you leave him behind, you monster.

3. Bright ideas

You made this? I made this.

2. Tough work

I mean, sure, they’re experts who have dedicated their lives to studying these things, but I also saw a Facebook meme, so.

1. The hard truths

The laws of nature are tough but fair.

I feel smarter already! But in all seriousness – please listen to experts when they tell you science stuff. Please? Before we ruin everything forever? Thanks.

What’s your favorite science fact?

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