Are you like me? Do you have family members who have no shame? At least sometimes. They embarrass me, make fun of me, fight with me, etc. All because they care, right?

This leads to some people taking it to another level: Spying on them. These 10 siblings have literally creeped on their brothers or sisters just to find out certain information. Because… they were curious? Or just dumb?

Let’s find out!

10. Why would that ever work out?

These parents should put their foot down!

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9. Why are parents asking their kids to do this?!

People are weird. So damn weird.

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8. This sounds relatively harmless.

As long as you’re just keeping tabs on somebody younger…

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7. I mean… not the worst idea…

Just make sure you don’t get caught!

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6. That is a strange thing to think

Your mum needs to get a clue.

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5. Hmmm… maybe you should mind your own business?

You could always get a life?

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4. I need more context!

This is so confusing!

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3. Stop the spying!

You don’t need to see their social profiles. They’re not that interesting!

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2. That is some next level nonsense.

Just please go home and watch some TV. Please.

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1. “Over protective” is one way to describe it.

Another way is, “insane.”

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Well, that was wayyyyyyy too much sibling spying for my taste.

I honestly couldn’t imagine spying on my brother or sister in ANY way. It would feel so damn creepy!

Still, have you ever done something like this? Let us know in the comments!