It feels like yesterday I was begging my mom to let me ride the weird mechanical rocking horse thing outside the grocery store. Now I’m doing adult stuff like paying bills, and sexy adult stuff like paying bills while shirtless.

It’s fun to take a break from all that and think back to when everything was simpler, and yet more fascinating. To be a kid was to be constantly in adventure mode, and there were countless little wondrous things along the way that added up to one grand journey.

Take a moment with me to look back and remember the little wonders…

10. The Party Pop

9. The Great Dispenser

8. The Bathroom Hauntings

7. The Order of the Cheese


6. The Vision

5. The Power

4. The Pathway

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3. The Race Against Death

2. The Prowl

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1. The Impossible Puzzle


Honestly, I still get the urge to run up the stairs like a tiger, though my body isn’t super happy about it anymore.

And I still live in hope that someday, our top scientists will FIND A WAY to defy physics and push all the colors in the pencil down at the same time.

What’s your favorite little memory from childhood?

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