I honestly don’t think that dating is the best regardless of the state of the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong; it can totally be fun for awhile, if you’re young and just figuring things out, but the older you get, the less appealing it becomes.

It’s almost like a second job, to be honest – one where you spend a lot of time interviewing people who are never going to be right for the position.

I can only imagine that things are a bit more complicated during a global pandemic, where things like being in the same room with a stranger (not to mention travel) are not advised.

These 10 people have been out there doing it, though, so don’t take my word for it.

10. You’re not allowed to fly.

So that restricts your dating pool a bit.

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9. Some things never change.

A virus can’t make nothing worse than nothing.

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8. No one saw this coming.

At least we’re all in this together.

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7. So…like regular dating.

Except you’re not allowed to see the lower half of anyone’s faces.

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6. There aren’t as many fish in the sea.

At least, they’re not jumping into the online pool.

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5. Well that’s probably not going to work out.

I am secondhand mortified for this person.

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4. You’re never that desperate.

Repeat after me.

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3. Being safe is harder than ever.

This time, there’s no way to be 100% safe and there’s no end in sight.

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2. A bit of a breather.

If you’re older and single, you probably need it.

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1. Some people like it.

You can weed out the people who aren’t going to put in the effort.

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This doesn’t sound ideal, y’all. Not in the best of times.

Have you been out there the past couple of years? Tell us what your experience has been down in the comments!