Breakups are rarely easy, even if you’re the one who has decided it’s time for things to end. It’s awkward, it’s emotional, and it can leave everyone at a bit of loose ends, don’t you think?

Apparently, some people also think breaking up involves stealing things. That’s never happened to me, personally, though one time I did gain a cat.

These 11 people do recall things going missing after a breakup, though, and if you’re curious what their exes thought was worth taking, keep scrolling!

11. Always back up your work.

For so many reasons but apparently because people suck, too.

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10. I was not expecting that.

What a nightmare to try to undo.

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9. How dare he steal books from her.

This would make me rage.

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8. This breaks my heart.

But what a nice person to think before taking any action.

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7. Why are people like this?

He stole it just to destroy it. That’s a choice.

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6. Sometimes they don’t leave you with a choice.

It’s hard being the adult.

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5. There are worse things.

Road trips are a great side effect.

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4. People always feel as if they have to take sides.

It doesn’t sound like these people weren’t prizes, anyway.

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3. Oooh that is just the right amount of petty.

As long as the person deserved it.

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2. Who would steal from a kid?

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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1. That’s a modern day middle finger.

Splurge for the good chargers, my friend.

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People are so weird, y’all. You have to just love it or let it drive you crazy.

Has an ex taken anything from you after a breakup? Tell us what and whether or not you did anything about it in the comments!