Memes are pretty versatile. They can do a lot of things. Including offer you life advice. Granted, it’s usually terrible, but it’s still advice. You just have to be able to look close enough to see it.

Here are ten memes and the tips for living that we’ve gleaned from them!

10. Be the potato to someone’s tomato

They both look so excited about it.

9. Always speak your mind

If you used ten words when you could have used a thousand, you weren’t trying hard enough.

8. Adapt to new relationships

You’ll quickly learn how to push each others’ buttons.

7. Keep fitness in mind

Perfection isn’t far away.

6. Be practical

Gotta soak up all the knowledge that you can.

5. Hold onto the memories

This one is actually really sweet and wholesome.

4. Build a good foundation

If you don’t have emotional stability, tape is fine.

3. Love unapologetically

Let the rest of the world catch up.

2. Let beauty be in your own eye

Nobody’s gotta think what you think except for you.

1. Be a slut

Do whatever you want.

It’s no ten commandments, but I think it’s a handy enough guideline for a pretty good life. Thanks, memes! You could make a religion outta this…

What life advice would you like to pass along?

Share it with us in the comments.