We’re all guilty of sending an ill-advised text now and again – I know I’ve had more than one panic attack that resulted from worrying that something not-that-nice had been sent to the wrong person.

Luckily, nothing like these 10 texts has ever happened to me (yet), but I consider these incidents to be a warning to be extra careful in the future.

Alright, let’s go!

10. I hope you figured it out straight away omg.

9. I love how they capitalized it.


8. Maybe we could talk about our issues and save money wink wink.

7. I’m glad I’m the wrong person but seriously WTF.

6. Classic TMI and also hope he’s okay.


5. That’s very confusing.

4. Yeah, shut that down.

3. Different strokes? I guess?

2. Gotta love a guy with a good sense of humor!

1. This is as hilarious as it is wrong.

Man, some of these are so cringe-worthy!

What’s the most uncomfortable text you’ve sent or received? Share it with us in the comments if you’re willing!

Yeah, you’re willing…