Texting is an art form – and most people’s preferred communication method these days. But it’s easy to make errors in judgement or legitimate mistakes, and there’s really no way to recall them if and when you do.

Wouldn’t that be something? If you could recall a text? Because you can delete a message from FB Messenger now. True story! You can just delete it from existence. It’s AMAZING. I love it.

Anyway, let these 10 poor saps be a warning to you, friends, and be double sure you’re saying something that should be around for an eternity before you hit send.

Enjoy the pain!

9. Ummmm back at you?

How about $400?

8. That escalated quickly.

Oh damn!

7. Okay this is savage though.

It starts out simply enough. Transaction and all.

And then, the hilarious turn!

6. Well that took a turn.

Buh bye!

5. Some brothers really go the extra mile.

Thanks bro!

4. Sometimes you just gotta waste some time.

Wow. Moms though…

And the exciting conclusion!

Wait! One more!

WTF is wrong with people?!?

3. HE’S A DOG.

But, I mean… give them some warning!

2. Peak 2020 y’all!

Deleted, fam!

Remember folks… these are messages from GRINDR. The gay hook up app.

So this makes NO sense.

Am I generalizing about how the LGBTQI community should vote?

Yes. Yes I am.

1. Backhanded compliments are the weirdest compliments

Why even text ANYTHING?!?

I’m secondhand cringing like mad! But I’m firsthand laughing like… out loud! Yeah yeah!

Have you ever sent or received something like this? Do you own a  phone? Do you know what phones are? Have you ever seen somebody use one?

Okay, I kid. We want you to share those hilarious text in the comments.

That is, if you’re not too mortified to share…