Politics and economics and government are sensitive topics these days, and many jokesters don’t want to touch those topics with a 10-foot solid gold pole.

But then you have these brave souls. It takes a special turn of phrase to keep the commentary both relevant and funny, but these 17 people have managed to do just that.

Let’s get rich, bitches!

17. I mean I don’t think those are actually secrets.


16. Damn the man.

15. Just a little bit of real talk.

14. These ghosts need to work overtime.

13. It’s just a little off the top what’s your prob?


12. Seriously, have you ever thought about that?

11. Surely Bruce would agree.


10. We need to stop expecting rich people to do the right thing.

9. What, you don’t have rich parents?

8. Yes I’m sure you’ve nailed it there.

7. Give that man an award!

6. Let’s just agree that none of it works for the little guy.


5. So much pearl-clutching.

4. It pains me to say it, but I suppose in this the French are right.


3. Wait that doesn’t mean we’re winning?


2. Oh yes we forgot to mention.

1. They turn the shock level up slowly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m laughing… and also crying… and also checking my bank account.

Which of these was your favorite? Or… maybe least favorite? Because you’re pretty annoyed at capitalism right now.

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