They say home is where the heart is. But for the most of 2020 so far, home is also where the…us…is. We’ve all been inside an awful lot, and when you get trapped in a living space, you start giving a lot of thought to what you might want to do to make that space just a little bit better.

Enter Franklin Leonard who launched an absolutely enormous Twitter thread with a simple question:

There were several thousand answers on a whole range of subjects, but some of the most day-brightening and “I should do that!” inspiring were the ones about how people just made their home a *little* bit better with something nice. Check out these 10 simple ways folks have pepped up while hunkering down.

10. Good bois need luxury too

Good call, I don’t think an actual dog hammock would go over well, though it would likely be hilarious.

9. The bliss of organization

I’ve been home enough at this point that I actually know where things are.

8. Blast that noise

Bring the concerts to you.

7. Hooked on cleaning

There’s gotta be a word for those of us who get way too excited about this stuff.

6. Chair and chair alike

If you’re gonna work from home, do it right.

5. Let the sunshine in

Spruce up your place + support an artist. Win/win.

4. Furball

You fool; you purchased mortal enemies simultaneously.

3. Garden of hope

Plant the seeds, be patient and caring.

2. “Outdoor office”

Let’s be real dude, that’s nap central. But I’m not judging.

1. Super cool

*slaps fridge* This bad boy can fit so much La Croix in it.

Of course, not everybody’s in the financial position to buy/order big stuff, but if you haven’t done so in a while, maybe grab yourself a little something to make life at home better. It’ll brighten your day for sure.

What have you done around the house this year?

Let us know in the comments.